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The O'Keefe Legacy Plan

Throughout your working years, the process of planning and saving your hard earned money is not always easy. We understand how much effort it takes to situate yourself comfortably in the later years of life, so it is only right that you consider leaving a legacy to your loved ones without the experience causing you headaches which are often the case. Legacy planning is important when protecting your most valuable assets, and we have strategies to help you do so, as well as leave a lasting mark on those to come long after you've passed on.

Conflicts may happen between family members when planning to leave a legacy, especially true if you have been remarried or if you have children from a previous or current marriage. We have a combination of different methods set in place to avoid these conflicts, distributing your wealth and assets accordingly as you see fit.

Inheritence conflicts are inevitable but can be prevented. Your focus on generational communication is curtail to prevent any conflicts from occurring after you are gone. Carefully planning your estate and being clear about your last wishes will help in protecting your most valuable legacy.



We help you and your family share your unique story with current and future generations.

The O'Keefe Legacy Plan consists of diffent elements, each of which helps build a solid foundation. 

~ Family story and spiritual- or faith-based position

~ Family’s relational assets (virtues and values)

~ Making it clear who will receive what. This list should be written and signed by you.

~ When it comes to distribution of special assets, the family should gather around and each member should have a say on it. This applies to issues such as the family business or the care of minor children.

~ Minimize joint ownership.

~ Arrange funeral expenses and plans in advance and appoint a fiduciary you know very well who will carry our your intended last wishes.



Coaching you and your family through the O'Keefe Legacy Plan, one step at a time.

The O'Keefe Legacy Plan process consists of four areas:

Uncovering ~ Exploring the family story, philosophy, and spiritual position; establishing a family mission statement; and verifying the current estate plan

Empowerment ~ Linking virtues, values, and principles; promoting joys through generosity; and creating a new financial platform

Implementation ~ Linking vision to goals/strategies, aligning family members, and identifying financial administrative needs

Administration ~ Monitoring family governance and financials, updating the legacy plan, and exercising the teaching of virtues, values, and principles



Helping you train your family on how to promote values for years to come.

A variety of tools are available to you as you embark on your path:

Advocacy ~ A group of advisors from a wide assortment of specialty areas are available to guide you

Harvest the Rewards and Keep It Going ~ When your legacy project is operational, you get to experience the appreciation and gratitude generated by those it helps. Then, this step invites you to engage in succession planning so you can transition operations smoothly to others, and step away without disconnecting – knowing your legacy will live on for generations.

Build the Bridge ~ Depending on where you are you may have to redefine other aspects in your life as you move into where you’re going with your project. This is best accomplished by undertaking a legacy full life plan to design your ideal life that takes into consideration what’s most important to you in the following areas Vocation, Health, Finances & Estate, Leisure, Family, Friends, Personal Development, and Community Service.