"Money does not bring you happiness, but it brings you freedom, and the opportunity to enjoy life with the ones you love.  Secure your future today"


O'Keefe Financial Services


 Our number one mission is to help individuals reach their desired, long-term financial goals. At O'Keefe Financial Services, we believe the relationship between you and your financial advisor is one of the most important aspects of successful investing.

Justin B. O’Keefe, CLU, CAP, LFD, Founder and CEO of O’Keefe Financial Services, has been a Chartered Life Underwriter for over 30 years as well as being a Licensed Funeral Director, and has recently completed his Chartered Advisor of Philanthropy Degree from the American College in Bryn Mawr, PA. O’Keefe Financial Services currently advises thousands of clients in nearly every region of the U.S. The firm is appointed with over 15 A+ rated companies – a structure that we believe gives us the independence and flexibility to make long-term decisions that are in the best interests of our clients and associates. 

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 Our Strategy

Our thoughtful investment strategy includes identifying your specific, long-term goals, developing and implementing a tailored strategy and maintaining a tax advantaged safe portfolio of quality investments.

To help investors make sound decisions, they need access to information and to options. That's what guidance is, and providing objective guidance to our families is important to us. Disciplined management and extensive analysis goes into the guidance we provide our families. No matter if you are at or near retirement, a consultation with an advisor can make retirement planning more manageable and help ensure you're ready to face your future and your finances.

 Our approach is based on a time tested process that considers all parts of your financial life. Set up a face-to-face meeting with an O'Keefe Financial Services advisor to learn more about what makes investing with O'Keefe Financial Services different.


 our vision

In order to reach your financial dreams, you must have clearly defined goals and objectives. You have to know what your goals are before you can achieve them. Once you define your goals, you then need a timely plan of action to get your objectives set in place.  As financial advisors, we help you articulate your goals and objectives when you initially meet with us.


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